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What We’re All About

Our Story

Rubber Ducky "Discount Pool Warehouse" has been in business for over 20 years. Owned and operated by Jimmy & Linda Calvert. Over the years they have established a great reputation with their customers . After the passing of Jimmy in July of 2014, Linda kept the store open and running with the same great service. In the summer of 2015 Linda called her step-daughter Denise Stone. She told Denise that running the store alone was just more than she wanted to do any more so she was going to sell. Denise told her that she understood 100%. By the end of the day Denise told her husband Danny that she wanted daddy's store. His response was " I have been waiting all day for you to say that'. Now the problem arises.. Danny and Denise are Missionaries in the Dominican Republic, so therefor they can not run and operate the store. So they put their heads together and said "Lets call Scott & Shelly"! Long story short -- Danny and Denise partnered up with Scott & Shelly Clegg and bought the business from Linda. Linda has agreed to stay around and help us learn the business and help with all her awesome knowledge!

We are a Christian based company. Putting God first in not only our lives but our business. Our goal is to take Rubber Ducky 'Discount pools" and build on it already existing great service and reputation. We want to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

We have a lot of ideas we are looking into on how to build this business into something even greater. So when you come in please share what you would like to see us carry or services you would like to see us have.

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